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Friday, September 16, 2011

Battlefield 3 Huurah!

So I've just heard that battlefield 3 is going to add a team deathmatch back into their game modes. (Was displayed first in BF1942) I'm positive people are going to enjoy and appreciate this game mode(better than squad deathmatch <-- that sucked imho) especially all the new Battlefield players. But honestly, I believe there will be more players on the classic games modes like Rush and Conquest. I use to love straight forward deathmatch games like on COD, CS, and CSS. But after I got my hands on bad company and bad company two I don't think I can go back to TDM. Well at least on battlefield I can't. I've enjoyed the realism that the objective games have. Even though i'm sure i'll play TDM from time to time, i'll mainly be sticking to Rush.
Here is some info EA's site: "Team Deathmatch
Availability: On all 9 maps
Players: 24 (12 vs. 12)
Focus: Team Based Infantry Combat
Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
Winning the game: The team that reaches the set kill number first is declared the winner"